About Us

How We Work

Amore Landscapes is a dedicated team of professionals who have a genuine passion for creat­ing memorable and unique landscapes. Our team has a highly varied knowledge base, proven track record & competence in best industry practice.

We are able to take on a myriad of project types due to our diverse portfolio, done so while acting as stewards for the environment.

At our core we believe in creating places that not only enhance the environment but celebrate the social context on which they sit.


Fundamental Beliefs

We believe in creating places that are a joy to be in. We aim to complement the requirements of the client while promoting innovative industry best practices & a novel design approach.

Through understanding the requirements, history and context of a site we as Landscape Architects have opportunities to create timeless and activated spaces. We believe in an environmentally sensitive approach to any design. Achieved on an individual site-specific basis, with no two projects having the same outcome.

We are lucky enough to live in the richest biodiversity hot spot on the earth, we have a resulting interest and appreciation for the environment, establishing the biophilic design principles of Amore.

Our Promise to

Clients & Environments

We have a responsibility as custodians of this land to act towards creating landscapes that celebrate the ownership between community & environment.

We believe that there are connections found between these two elements that are symbiotic in nature. As a Landscape Architecture company, we often mediate between the two. It is our promise to act in their best interest while promoting our own, ever-evolving, unique industry expertise.

Years of Experience