OAKHAM Swanbourne

OAKHAM is a unique group of identical Federation Bungalow residences with central front entry frontispieces with Victori-
an-influenced pediment. Amore has been involved in the development of a conceptual design that reflects the unique historical characteristics exclusive site. Amore’s has reflected the historical significance by the adoption of local complex plant species, all of which are connected by culture and environment within the immediate surroundings.

This historically significant style of design is something that reflects Amore’s own fundamentals of environmentalism and cultural connection. The design and the finished outcome is one that is carefully thought out and delivered with the utmost attention to detail.

Amore aim is to establish a landscape that carries on the historical significance of the site along with the requirements of the client. We believe that the use of locally endemic plants not only help climatic conditions but additionally create a sense of place and connection to the wider Perth setting.